Bastian Kramer

3D Artist | Interactive Designer

Hello, my name is Bastian Kramer.

I'm a designer for 3D and interaction.

What inspires me is the process of creating something out of nothing and bringing it to life by programmig and motion.

3D Artist

Character TD | Pipeline TD

Whole worlds can be build, creatures can be born and stories can be told in 3D.

As a 3D artist I love to see, how an idea evolves from a drawing to a moving character.

As a Character TD I focus on the technical basics making this evolution possible. Rigging is the process of giving an empty shell the abilty to become an moving character. I'm fascinated by how programming and mathematics can create something, that moves itself and us.

Latest Work

Interactive Designer

Interactiv Visualisation | Game Design

Interaction is more than clicking a button.

Interaction is bilateral communication.

Interactive Design defines, how this interchange between us and artificial things looks like. As a developer and programmer I take part in specifying how these things react on us and how they become seeming alive.

Latest Work