Interactive Designer

Interactiv Visualisation | Game Design

Interaction is more than clicking a button.

Interaction is bilateral communication.

Interactive Design defines, how this interchange between us and artificial things looks like. As a developer and programmer I take part in specifying how these things react on us and how they become seeming alive.


Master Thesis | Interactive Application

Alife is my master thesis and is about the functionality of artificial life as a medium.

Part of my master thesis is an interactive application that allows users to share thier personal definition of "life" and to exchange it with others. Each definition gets represented by an individual, abstract artificial lifeform. All together they form a dynamic growing and self-organizing map of our common perception of "life".

This project was a challenge in two ways. In the theortical part of my thesis I dealed with a variaty of definitions for "life" and had to figure out, how to communicate and connect them. The practical part was about bringing this theory itself to life. I had to learn new techniques and languages to programm the application and to implement my theory of a "collective definition".


Interactive Application | Website

Logokrazia is an interactive application and part of a homonymous master thesis.

"In einer Welt des Denkens werden die Gedanken Raum, ihre Ordnung zur Gravitation und ihr ewiger Umlauf zur geistigen Bewegung in der Konzentrik der Idee." [In a world of thiking thoughts become space, their order gravity and their perpetual circulation becomes the mental movement in the concentric of the idea.](FrederikWilken, logokrazia, free translated)

The application is an interactive visualisation of the theoretical paper. It transfers the author's and his references' thoughts into spatial units. They become bubbles which arrange themselves, complement each other and contain their own worlds full of thoughts.

This project was one of my first interactive works. It was exciting to implement an idea like this with visual and technical elements. The use of 3D techniques in an enviroment prepared for 2D was one of the biggest challanges.